Kimcha D'Pischa

5784 - 2024
בית חבד קוזומל מקסיקו

What is the Mitzvah of Kimcha DePischa?

Kimcha DePischa (flour for Pesach), also known as Maot Chitim, is a custom whereby people used to collect money for baking matzot for the poor during Passover. The current practice involves giving Kimcha DePischa before Passover either by distributing kosher food supplies for Pesach or by collecting money so that the poor can properly celebrate the holiday. It has been established in recent generations as an obligation for everyone to bring joy to the poor in honor of the holiday by generously providing them with the necessities for the holiday in a dignified manner.

How is the Mitzvah of Kimcha DePischa Fulfilled?

The Mitzvah of Kimcha DePischa can be fulfilled through anonymous donations to needy families. Through these donations, the families receive food packages that enable them to observe the holiday of Passover with dignity.

Many needy families struggle with regular expenses, especially during holiday periods. Since Passover is the festival of freedom, it is incumbent upon us to do everything within our power to help the needy celebrate the festival through Kimcha DePischa.

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